iPhoneography tutorial | Part 1


So, iPhoneography is a thing now. Wow, I remember back in the day, when someone dared to upload a phone picture into the Photography section of deviantART… Man, it was a capital sin. Phone pics were loathed with the power of a thousand suns. It’s true that the phone cameras were really crappy and the photos were really bad. It wasn’t pleasant.

But in the last few years things have changed. A lot! The phone cameras were greatly improved and now they’re able to take crisp photos. Heck, you can even create creamy bokeh with a phone camera now – this was something only DSLRs could achieve. You can take amazingly crisp macros with the help of additional lenses that you can easily attach to your phone. I tried it myself and I couldn’t believe it! And I actually bought and used a cheap phone macro lens, because they were out of the expensive ones, made especially for iPhone. And I still got stunning results:

In this 2 part tutorial, I will give you some general advice on how to take beautiful photos and how to edit them properly, because all those photo editing apps and countless filters are useless if the photo is not good. 😉

Part 1

How to take beautiful, quality photos with your iPhone

In order to make beautiful photographs, one needs not only knowledge and skill, but also to have an eye for it. A photograph is a frame, a frozen in camera moment, that otherwise is missed. Especially when it comes to tiny things – a dew drop, an almost invisible spider web, a bug, the intricate pattern of a leaf or flower pistils. Also, a nice corner in a room, a beautiful landscape or a busy street – all these can be captured tastefully and beautifully, if you just stop for a moment and think before snapping.

First, check out your phone camera’s features. Newer iPhones (and other phone brands as well, such as Samsung) have the Portrait mode, wich is amazing, because it blurs the background, making your photos look professional. This feature was possible only with a big camera before, a DSLR, that is. You can use this awesome mode not only for portraits but for flowers too. Check out the example below, to see what a huge difference a blurred background can make.

Keep in mind to shoot in natural light – as much natural light as possible, because the photo gets too noisy otherwise. This happens because in low light, the ISO (the thingy that measures the sensitivity to light) boost itself up, to get more light. Unfortunately, this also causes noise. The higher the ISO, the higher the noise. You can control ISO on a DSLR but not in a phone camera.

There are a few golden rules in photography. Some stick to them, some don’t. In my own personal opinion, they really don’t matter much, as long as the final result is eye candy. What I am trying to say is that your photos don’t have to be perfect. But when you photograph, think composition. Keep your camera straight to avoid blurred subjects and tilted horizon lines. Use natural light as much as possible – natural light is life. Think shapes, lines, perspective, viewpoint, symmetry, framing, background and depth. Fill the frame or, on the contrary, go minimal.

A wise saying says that practice makes perfect. No truer words were spoken. Of course, you need skill, you need the eye, but you also need to work for it. Work for it with dedication but also with excitement and delight. Don’t do it for the likes and fame. Seriously, being famous on Instagram is like being rich in Monopoly. Do it for your soul! If you don’t feel joy, maybe photography isn’t your thing. This being said, I hope you find these guidelines useful. Have fun snapping!

You can find the second part of this tutorial here: iPhoneography Tutorial | Part 2.

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  1. diane
    on 24 February 2018  5:34 pm Reply

    Thanks. I've been taking photos for a fair while and always avoided the phone until I got iPhone 7 and I'm amazed at the good shots it takes with my help. Still haven't mastered the bokeh background yet.

    • Ramona
      on 25 February 2018  4:49 am Reply

      Thank you fo much. Yes, the camera features in the new iPhones are amazing! ;) You'll love the Portrait mode.

  2. Amanda
    on 26 February 2018  7:48 am Reply

    You've given some great tips! I'm going to have to try portrait mode, it seems really useful, especially for capturing family photos. I really enjoy taking pictures with my phone now that it has such a great camera.

    • Ramona
      on 26 February 2018  11:02 pm Reply

      It makes me happy to know you thought it was useful. Thank you so much!

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