Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden

Câteva imagini pline de culoare de la Festivalul Lalelelor de la Grădina Botanică din Cluj-Napoca. Drumul până acolo parcă nu se mai termina, dar a meritat. Dar am făcut prea puține poze… era prea soare, niciun nor pe cer… ˘︷˘

A few colorful images from the Tulip Festival at the Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden. The road to get there seemed endless but it was worth it. I didn’t take enough photos, though. It was too sunny and the sky was cloudless… ˘︷˘

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  1. Saša
    on 29 April 2018  4:12 am Reply

    Nice collection. I agree that too much sunny day is not good for photography but anyway great trip in nature.

    • Ramona
      on 19 May 2018  1:06 am Reply

      Thank you!

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