Sophibelle is about cuteness, simplicity, love, fun and the innocence of childhood (apart from the posts in wich I complain about this and that, he he). It’s a collection of all the things I’m passioned about, as well as a place where I “put on paper” random ideas and thoughts.

I love cute things, included but not limited to cats, vintage things or pretty fonts. My hobbies consist of photography and Photoshop, taking photos with my phone and edit said photos in VSCO (apparently, iPhoneography is a thing now. 10 years ago, artistic phone pics were frowned upon), Netflix, reading science fiction and fantasy novels (because I have enough of real life in real life), crochet and coffee.

My little family of 5 is what keeps me going. But perhaps I should say big family, because three children is a lot nowadays. When I went to the hospital to give birth to my third child, I was treated like a Mother Heroine. My new motto is Less is more, a decluttered life means a serene mind. Well, I try. It’s kind of difficult to maintain order in a house full of kids and cats. Anyway, welcome to my little internet island! ꈍ◡ꈍ

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