Coco and Felix’s favourite passtime, except wrestling all around the house. When they stare outside like this we say they watch tv. 🙂

They are completely indoor cats, but not because I force them to stay inside. They actually love it and feel safe. When I adopted them and their sister Nina, they were already 5 months old, their mommy passed away, so they were very very scared. Unfortunately Nina did not adapt, she didn’t like our noisy selves, but luckily she adjusted perfectly in the quiet home of the son of her previous owner. So we ended up with these two beauties. Felix is huge, at just 7 months he weighs 6.2 kilos. He is bold and playful and curious. Coco is smaller and extremely shy and gets scared easily. It took her 2 months to finally come to sleep with me, beside my head, on the bed. That’s a great sign of trust. I love it how they always follow me everywhere. They are my shadows. But when the girls come home from school, Felix is the first to greet them happily and give them nose kisses.

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  1. Sharon Wagner
    on 15 March 2017  1:16 pm Reply

    Such pretty kitties. Especially since one of them looks like my Akua.

  2. Buckeroomama
    on 16 March 2017  1:24 am Reply

    They're beautiful cats for sure! My friend just adopted a cat and it makes me consider for a second (just a second!) about adopting one, too.

  3. kelleyn rothaermel
    on 17 March 2017  12:46 pm Reply

    I love cats, but unfortunately two of my children are allergic to them. They are so cute!

  4. Anita Johnson
    on 22 March 2017  5:16 pm Reply

    I have always loved cats. Always will...they are not in our future due to family allergies, but I sure love their antics.

  5. Andrea
    on 27 March 2017  1:34 am Reply

    Hi Ramona, thanks for dropping by my blogpost. I also have lots of posts of our cats, we have a few. Just yesterday i posted some of them in FB, and because they roam outdoors also in our hot climate they sometimes catch some birds. We pity the birds but that is the food chain working.

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