Dahlia Coaster {free pattern}

If you’re like me, you start thinking at spring as soon as the winter holidays are officially over. 😀 And if it’s spring, it means you can start decorating for spring. These simple to make puff stitch coasters are adorable and perfect for your coffee table or desk. I called them “dahlia coasters” because they kinda look like that flower to me. I designed more coasters and I will start sharing them starting with this one.

You’ll need yarn, hook, and to know how to make a puff stitch. I used a pretty thin yarn and a 2.5 mm hook.

Dahlia Coaster Pattern

1. make a magic ring and crochet 8 puff stitches inside. Here’s how it looks like after four puffs:

Then close the ring carefully until only a little hole remains and slip stitch on top of the first puff. You now have 8 puff stitches and eight spaces.

2. In first space in between the puff stitches make 2 puff stitches. Continue to make 2 puff stitches in each space. You will have 8 groups of 2 puff stitches, 16 puffs in total.

3. work 2 puffs in between a pair of puffs and 1 puff in between two sets. See the reference picture below:

Join with a slip stitch on top of the first puff. You will have 24 puff stitches in total.

4. Now work: 2 puffs between the first pair of puffs, 1 puff in between the set of puffs and the single puff, 1 puff in between the single puff and the set of puffs and again 2 puffs in beteween the next pair of puffs.

Continue until you reach the end. Slip stitch on top of the first puff you worked this round. You will have 32 puffs in total.

5. Now work: 1 puff in between the first pair of puffs, 2 puffs in between the set of puffs and the next single puff, 1 puff in between the two single puffs, 2 puffs in between the single puff and the next set of two puffs, and again 1 puff in between the next pair of puffs. Basically you do *1 puff in a space, 2 puffs in next space* all around. You get a total of 48 puff stitches.

6. Last round, the edge. Work 1 single crochet in each space – except for in between pairs, where you make 2 single crochets. Join with slip stitch, cut yarn and weave in the ends.

You will most likely have to press it with your palm to stay flat. I suggest you to stiffen it with a stiffening solution that you can buy or make yourself (there are plenty of recipes online).

Copyright & Disclaimer

This pattern is an original creation by me, Ramona, owner of Sophibelle Collection. Any similarities with other works are purely coincidental; I make my own stuff, I spend time designing, counting stitches, crocheting, unraveling and crocheting again until it looks the way I want it. Do not copy and redistribute this pattern, and don’t claim it as yours. If you wish to share this pattern with others, do so with a link to this page (use the ‘share’ button below). Do not copy the pattern elsewhere and do not sell it. It’s okay to sell toys and items made from this pattern but please credit me, the pattern creator, with a visible link to sophibellecollection.com. Feel free to show me your amigurumis by leaving a comment on this page or using the hashtags #sophibelle or #sophibellecollection on Instagram. Factory mass production of toys and/or items made from this pattern is strictly prohibited. Thank you for understanding and happy crocheting.

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  1. ghemulet
    on 6 February 2017  2:20 pm Reply

    Ma bucur sa te cunosc si sa iti descopar blogul...Multumesc pentru vizita ta,astfel am ajuns si eu aici la tine...
    Coasterul este absolut superb..Ma gandesc ca ,facut mai mare ar fi chiar si o husa pentru scaun foarte frumoasa..imi place la nebunie..
    Ca sa vezi..acum lucrez la niste patrate cu cercuri in mijloc,din care vreau sa fa co patura noua..insa stiu sigur c aimi vor ramane ceva fire si chiar ma gandeam ce ar merge facut din ele...Acum am gasit :)
    Multumim pentru explicatii :)

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