Beastly (+ update!)

See how innocent this cute, little face looks? That’s right, it only looks innocent. This tiny kitten is a ferocious beast. He has serious issues, poor thing. Because of it, we decided to foster him and then find a suitable home for him, a home without little kids. Because this kitten jumps at your face and bites and chews you alive. I have a many years experience with cats because most of the cats I owned (and I owned and raised quite many) were orphans from the streets, but I have never seen something like this before.

He is so cute, though. And it’s so frustrating to have a cat in the house and not being able to pick him up and pet him whenever I like. When he’s sleepy after he wakes up he purrs for a few minutes and I’m able to pet him a little. Then I have to put him down where he plays like crazy with everything he finds and he jumps on our feet.

Maya is terrified of him and she is the one that loves animals the most. I promised her that I will get her a Sphinx kitty (she is the alergic type so a hairless cat is the best choice for her) when we move into our new place. I didn’t tell her it might take a couple of years until the move.

Update on Mr. Beasty

My mother decided to take him in. She tried to keep him completely indoor at first but it didn’t work. The huge front and back yard, both well gated, are perfect for him though. Plus, he has the garage and the warm basement all for himself, and he is kept indoors during the night. My father is a very outdoorish person so he doesn’t lack company during the day. Giving his condition (he acts more like a lion cub than a kitten), it’s the perfect arrangement for him.

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  1. Sharon Wagner
    on 23 September 2016  2:35 pm Reply

    He does have a feisty look. I hope he finds a good and patient home. Maybe with glove wearers.

  2. Mitzi Rice
    on 23 September 2016  3:54 pm Reply

    He looks to be no more than 6-7 weeks of age. That probably has a lot to do with it. He is absolutely adorable though & definitely needs lots of human contact in order to tame that "wild side". You have captured him quite beautifully!

  3. Lisa
    on 24 September 2016  6:19 pm Reply

    My Aunt had a kitten like that. The thing was vicious, it liked to get you right in the achilles heel. Ouch!

    He is so cute though! I hate that you have to give him away, but totally understand.

    Thanks for joining Life Thru the Lens... I am excited to have you in our little community.

    Lisa @ LTTL

  4. Buckeroomama
    on 26 September 2016  1:50 am Reply

    Aww, he does look cute, but you just have to do what you have to do. Hope he gets a good home.

  5. Maria Parenti-Baldey
    on 27 September 2016  3:48 am Reply

    OMG! From so cute to 'bare ones teeth'. A friend had a Siamese like that, especially if you didn't see it regularly.

  6. Laura Lane
    on 29 September 2016  3:32 pm Reply

    He is cute, but personality counts! ~grin~
    Here's my reply to your comment at Harvest Lane Cottage about being busy.
    "Thank you Ramona. It doesn't get any easier when they get older. ~smile~ It feels like I'll be busy until who knows when!

    Thanks for "talking back" at Harvest Lane Cottage. Do you know that your comments come through to my email as a "no reply blogger"? If you'd like to get direct responses to your comments more often, you might like to know how to change that. I wrote about it in this blog post.

    If you're like me, you don't have time to go back and check on other blogs to see if you've gotten a response to your comment. I sometimes can take time to track down commenters, but I'm usually short on time.

    Harvest Lane Cottage
    ...doing what I can with what I've got where I am
    on a short shoestring budget!
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  7. JimmiNu
    on 12 September 2017  7:31 am Reply


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