Brașov Overview

These little breaks are one of my favoured things when travelling. I mean, look at them… us. Hehehe. 😀

If it’s not on Facebook it didn’t happen. Just kidding. I am not a Facebook freak, really.

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  1. Jesh StG
    on 11 September 2016  11:41 pm Reply

    Children are always great to photograph! What are they eating? And love the overview of the city (which city?). I have once or twice visited Bucharest when we lived in Holland. I had only heard of the Jacaranda tree, until we moved to the USA.
    Thank you for visiting! How did you come to my blog? Anyways, have a great week:) Jesh~

    • Ramona
      on 13 September 2016  9:16 am Reply

      Thank you! The city is called Brasov - it's a beautiful old city in Romania. The girls were eating home made sandwiches and bananas. I have fount your blog through a linky party. :D

  2. Shaz Goodwin
    on 12 September 2016  3:54 pm Reply

    Fabulous poses and an awesome backdrop Ramona!

  3. Photalife
    on 12 September 2016  6:35 pm Reply

    Beautiful photos, I love the B&W ones

    Thank you for linking up

  4. JimmiNu
    on 9 September 2017  4:13 pm Reply


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