Corbu Beach

If you ever come to Constanta in Romania, you could visit Corbu Beach. It’s a huge, open space. There are no hotels around. No restaurants. No music, no sunbeds. It could be the perfect beach. It could.

But… unfortunately it is not perfect. People throw garbage in the bushes. I suspect it’s the people that go camping there that throw it mostly. People also bring dogs. Even worse, there are a lot of stray dogs in the camping area. I didn’t see any facilities of any kind, especially bathrooms. We were there for a few hours and my girls are 10 and 7 so they could stay without going to the bathroom for a while (they never go to the school’s bathrooms either) but I don’t know what the people that stayed the whole day did. Most likely they polluted those poor bushes? 😀 I took a walk though, did a little exploring and there were no nasty smells, so maybe there were some toilets somewhere… The place is huge.

Like I said, it’s not perfect but it’s not too bad either. It is a beautiful area, mostly still untouched. All in all, we had a great time. The sand is full of little pieces of broken sea shells and it’s kind of difficult to walk barefeet. But at least it wasn’t crowded at all.

The sea it’s beautiful and very shallow, so it’s perfect for kids.

Here’s my little Punkie Pie, always willing to pose for me, even if she was worn out. 🙂

We would love to go back. It was a fun trip.

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  1. Villroses hage
    on 21 August 2016  5:09 pm Reply

    In fact I have been to Constanta! Not for the beach, but for a walk along the beautiful seaside seeing the old casino etc.

  2. Vanessa
    on 21 August 2016  10:52 pm Reply

    I love a quiet beach - there's something so peaceful that we don't really get enough of in day to day life.
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  3. Sarah Carletti
    on 7 September 2016  12:13 pm Reply

    Love your shots but the lack of bathrooms would do me in.

  4. Minoru
    on 8 September 2016  1:42 pm Reply

    Hi! the beach looks very beautiful. There are not so many people. It's very good for children. Your children are very cute. Thanks for sharing.

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