The Many Faces of Abi

I always wanted a girl, or more girls. When I was pregnant with my first and found out it was going to be a girl, I was thrilled. Then my second girl arrived and I was equally thrilled. There is only a three year gap between them and it’s perfect. They are inseparable, they like the same stuff, they play the same games.

Then baby fever hit me again and I got pregnant with my third child. This time I didn’t care what it was. My relatives, however, were soooooo curious – you know how relatives are, especially since from my husban’s side, they mostly have girls. My sister in law has three girls, I had two girls at the time. So another girl in the family would have been a “meh”. And that was something that used to annoy me pretty badly. My sister in law cried because her second child wasn’t a boy. I mean, come on. So I said to myself, let it be another girl, even though I knew my hubbs was hoping for a boy.

And then the doctor told me that baby is a boy. And the world has somehow shifted. 🙂 I was really happy but I knew that people would misinterpret my joy. Everyone was like “Omg, you finally have a boy” or “Oh, lucky you to have a boy after two girls”. Gosh, I hate these and I wish people would be more sensitive and stop giving their opinion about it because they don’t know it all. If some parents have like 5 girls and decide to have another kid, it may not necessarily be because they want to try and see if it’s a boy this time. It could simply be because they want another child, no matter what it is.

Sooo, my little man is 2 years old now. His name is Abner Vlad but we call him Abi. He adores cars and likes balls and everything that has buttons to push. He was a good baby from day one and at just a few months old started to sleep through the night. The girls adore him and we just can’t have enough of him.


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