The Tiniest of Hikes

On our way to the Black Sea we stopped in Poiana Brasov for a couple of days. We visited the Peles Castle first, but we arrived late so we only visited the first floor and took no pictures. I plan to go back because I really want to see and photograph the third floor where the royal appartments are.

Postăvarul Massif in Poiana Brasov, Romania

Then before leaving Poiana Brasov we decided to take the cableway up to Postavaru Mountain and admire the view. And what a fine view it was!

We didn’t even make it to the top cabin – the one you see in the photo below. We just walked back and forth, soaking up the air and photographing every single flower. And talking on the phone. And taking turns at carrying the umbrella that hubbs insisted to take with us. We used it as a ski pole. 😀

It wasn’t ment to be a real hiking anyway. We had fun and relaxed a bit. We went for a hot coffee and tea and fresh picked raspberries afterwards.

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    • Ramona
      on 5 August 2016  8:43 am Reply

      Yup. Very chilly. That night we arrived at the Black Sea where it was so hot. It was very interesting to experience such a big difference in weather conditions in the same day.

  1. Christina
    on 5 August 2016  12:36 pm Reply

    Thank you for sharing these awesome photos with your beautiful family. Romania is so beautiful! I love these, they brought a nice smile to my face. ❤️

    I love the perspectives of the flower shots too, by the way.

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