My little girls made these and they messed them up (kept them in the colored water for too long) but I think they’re still pretty. Anyways, today is Easter day here in Romania, so Happy Easter to all those who celebrate Easter today.

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  1. Photalife
    on 1 May 2016  6:50 pm Reply

    Wow they look amazing, have a Happy Easter

    Thank you for linking up

    • Ramona
      on 19 May 2016  11:34 am Reply

      Thank you. You put various little leaves on the eggs, bind the eggs in pieces of pantyhose to keep the leaves in place and boil them in red onion peel. ;)

  2. Shannon@ my2morrows
    on 6 May 2016  4:20 am Reply

    They are stunning! Hope you had a wonderful Easter! Thanks for linking up to the ultimate rabbit hole!

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